Statcon offers state-of-the-art GPU units for wide range of applications, both for Aircraft starting and its maintenance.

Designed using long experience of the company in indigenous development of Power Electronic Equipments, Statcon’s GPU offers accurate and reliable operation.

The GPU is available in both “Tractor towable” as well as “Battery operated Vehicle” models.

Statcon Energiaa’s GPU has been tested on wide range of Defence Aircrafts like SU-30-MKI,JAGUAR, MIRAGE, MIG-29, MIG-23, IL-76 I 78, MIG-BIS (MIG-21), AN-32 as well as wide range of Helicopters like MI-26, MI-25/35, MI-7/8, MI-17, DHRUV etc.

The GPU uses high speed Engine and directly coupled, 400Hz brushless alternator to generate the power required. In addition to above, specially designed Transformers Rectifiers are used so as to deliver both continuous and cranking load demands.

Alternatively, GPU using 50Hz Alternator with SFC is also available. An Electronic AVR connected to the field of the alternator helps in keeping the output voltage regulation within specified limits and at the same time meets the peak load demands of an Aircraft starting.

Micro-Controller based circuit continuously monitors and provides protection to both Aircraft and GPU against any unprecedented or fault conditions in the output power.

The software helps in accurate & precise value measurements.

Each GPU is provided with two sets of cables (both AC & DC wherever applicable) with suitable connectors for connecting GPU output to the Aircraft.

The whole GPU equipment is designed to with-stand rigorous temperature variations and can work at very high altitudes of up to 2500 meter above MSL.

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