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Pilkhua Office Statcon EnergiaaStatcon Energiaa Pvt Ltd. is an Indian Power Electronics Manufacturing company with an expertise in designing, manufacturing and technical support of equipment for static energy conversion, covering a broad spectrum of power, especially of static rectifiers. Under Mr Manoj Pande (Director) , Statcon Energiaa is now a dedicated design and manufacturing unit in the field of solar photovoltaic, defence and power sector, catering to their needs of Power Electronic equipment.


Critical areas:

In addition to detailed knowledge of technological developments, our company also has a deep insight into various market segments. Critical application areas include Defence, State Electricity Boards, power generating stations, aviation, telecommunication and renewables.


Statcon Energiaa endeavours to pursue its industrial purpose and mission by specialising in advanced Power Electronics, based on Switching Technology and use of highly-developed digital embedded systems to ensure outstanding performance, backed by improved systematic diagnostics. Thanks to the advanced quality reliability and serviceability that characterises the products we offer, we gear our technological achievements towards constant evolution of the industry.
Statcon Energiaa has been a pioneer in the field of Solar Energy Home applications . We have been in the forefront of providing Durable and Robust power equipment that are at par with global standards and made in India, keeping in mind indigenous conditions.
With the available manpower ,we take pride in the quality of our workforce and conduct regular formal and informal sessions to educate WORKERS about the exact nature of their work and the challenges unique to our field.

Committment to Quality

Statcon Energiaa has a dynamic R&D Department with an experienced back-up of over 26 years in this field providing customised solutions on problems pertaining to the energy needs of a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial and residential establishments in urban, suburban and rural settings.
The company is an MNRE approved Channel partner in the field of solar and is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
It is also certified under MSME, NSIC and SMERA.

To inspire, innovate and implement global standards for high performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in Power Electronics manufacturing.

To evolve constantly according to the growing demands of the world and create products that match our core values of human care and environmental benignity.

Our Core Values stress on manufacturing of products that are relevant, far sighted, durable and which don’t compromise on the standards that we have set for ourselves over the course of the last 26 years.

The Energiaa LOGOThe Statcon Energiaa logo portrays the golden future of sustainable growth. A rising sun seen emerging from behind the green leaves symbolises the idea of ‘power’ and its existence within nature. The letter ‘E’ (for Energiaa) is prominent through the angular, upward shape of the beautiful leaves.

The colour palette and the typography emphasize company’s own aspiration for a greener world through innovation and implementation.

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