Off Grid Block Diagram 1Is an Off Grid Inverter suitable for me?


  • A low cost Battery Storage Based Solution uses Solar Charge Controller with Inverter, which is connected to the dedicated load of a particular house/ shop or any such establishment.
  • It is designed in a manner so that the Battery is normally charged through Solar while the AC loads run on Grid (Commercial mains) with Battery getting charged.
  • Excess PV power can be used to run the priority AC load on Solar + Battery+ Inverter. On Grid failure, this priority load runs on Battery + Inverter. On resumption of Grid, Battery may be charged through Grid so as to keep it ready as last line of defence.
  • The advantages include a low cost solution for small houses/ shops with very limited usage, but do not ensure availability of Battery backup and investment made on solar due to inefficient yield from Solar Panels.
  • It also affects the Battery life which is one of the major investments in the whole chain along with its replacement cost.
  • Thus, there is need for a Smarter Solution for such application which can ensure basic requirements like proper mix and usage of Solar + Battery Energy leading to an enhanced Battery life and 100% peace of mind with regard to availability of Electricity to the investor.
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