Cold Storage Inverter series

Solar cold storage

Key Features

  • VFD COUPLING: VFD Coupling at DC end controlled through PLC
  • ACTIVE FRONT END TECHNOLOGY:Low distortion O/P at unity power factor Increased battery life by avoiding PSOC condition
  • GRID SYNCHRONISED: Export excess PV power to grid through grid synchronisation.
  • SCHEDULING: Controlled scheduling via keypad or PLC BASED Battery charging according to TOD Programmable night saving mode
  • BESS FEATURES: Peak load shaving/ load levelling Voltage/ Frequency regulation Time shifting applications


Actual Advantages gained after installation of the solar power plant

Ultimate savings on Diesel, Zero running of 320KVA DG

Improved Battery Life through Hybrid Charging

Export to grid During Off Season 3 Months

Better DG Set utilisation

Uninterrupted Power so no ammonia level fallings

No more Peak demand penalty (VFD+Load reduced due to solar/Battery) and better motor life

Energy Shifting through storage to avoid high TOD

Up to 60% Grid Electricity savings

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