Energy Storage System

The Energy Storage System is aimed at the new urban consumer segment who want a system that is sufficient to run their lifestyle.

This would involve uninterrupted running of Air conditioner during multiple power cuts through the day.

Li ion batteries ensure that the discharge curve during power cuts remains a gradually decreasing line instead of a series of peaks and surges as in the case of lead acid batteries.

Energiaa’s ESS Pegasus is the new Stunning and Powerful premier segment Solar Energy Storage System for the Indian Market. A perfect combination of Energiaa’s robust Hybrid inverter technology with an energy pack of 3.6-3.8KWH of Li ion battery.It is set to revolutionise the immense domestic market space, making solar accessible to each and every household. The grid synchronised plus storage based solar inverter promises 100% utilisation of power as compared to conventional solar PCUs. Now you can store the electricity according to time of day and export to grid during lean load periods or when you are not at home.Run your loads on its heavy-duty 3kVA inverter system and save on high electricity bills.

ESS Pegasus 3kva Technical Specification

ESS Pegasus 3kva | 3.8 kwh | li-ion

Total Capacity
3.6 kWh

Depth of Discharge

90% round-trip

3 kVA continuous

Supported Applications
Solar self-consumption
Time of use load shifting
Power Backup
Off grid

2 Years Inverter |2000 Cycles battery

Grid Sync with storage(True Hybrid)

Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C

L x W x D:
(1150mm x 755mm x 155mm)

100 kg

Floor standing Type
Indoor only

All IEC Certifications from NISE Lab India|Grid code compliant


Faster charging rate and low discharging rate.

No memory Effect & Environment Friendly.

Excellent high temperature performance.

At 25 °C and 50 % DOD, cycle life is more than 5000 cycles.

Faster charging rate and low discharging rate.


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