A beautiful compact system to accommodate your 3kVA Hybrid Inverter|SMF/Gel Batteries, AND run a 1.5T AC for 3 hours in a power cut.Available in 9.6KWH and 14.4-28.8KWH Systems.

The Machine:
Statcon Energiaa’s Energy Storage Systems or ESS is a visually stunning addition of Power Electronics for your Home/Office Energy needs.
A powerful Solar Hybrid Inverter complemented with a compact system of batteries to provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

ESS Advantage:

5 Year warranty on the whole system

| Runs your AC for 3 hours

| Elegant looks for a drawing room solution

| Compact: takes very little footprint

| 9.6KWH SMF Batteries

| 3kVA Hybrid Inverter

Energy storage systems are used wherever there is a requirement for power backup. This product is especially useful for applications such as: residences, small offices, shops, Bank  ATMs, clinics, gyms etc. A 3kVA inverter is sufficient to run loads for all the above and more.