Choosing the Right Domain Name for SEO Sep 12th 2017Back in the day, way way back,
Choosing the Right Domain Name for SEO Sep 12th 2017Back in the day, way way back,
Choosing the Right Domain Name for SEO Sep 12th 2017Back in the day, way way back,
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Since 1991, Statcon Energiaa is the No.1 Trusted Indian Company in the Power Electronics Sector. With 20000+ Project Sites and 64 MW of Solar Inverter Installations across the globe, Statcon Energiaa offers products and services in four major sectors: Solar| Power| Defence| Railways to over 20 countries and territories. The Company offers customized renewable energy Solutions to the Industrial, Utility and Residential sector as well as applications like Solar Cold Storages for the Agricultural Sector. Statcon Energiaa is one of the Largest Manufacturer of Solar Hybrid Inverters in the World and its Wide Range of Solar Products continuously delivers value and satisfies needs of the solar sector. It’s Technical Expertise in the Solar Domain, and unmatched after sales support, Makes Statcon Energiaa, the Customer’s First Choice. .

HBD Series Hybrid Solar Inverter

Energiaa’s trademark range of storage based,Grid synchronised Hybrid Inverters,are known for their customisability and robust capability across India.Available across all range from 1-250 kVA.

TTL Series String Inverters

High Efficiency Touchscreen String Inverters Made in India with Italian Technology.Now Touch the power of the Sun with the all new TTL range. Available across 10 / 15 and 20 kVA.

SEOG Off Grid Solar PCU

Reliable and Tough, Statcon Energiaa’s Solar PCU uses conventional technology and gives it a high efficiency added with a modern look.Best bet for residences and Petrol Pumps.Available across 1–7.5 kVA.

ESS Series Energy Storage System.

The ESS Pegasus is a great looking energy pack to run your household with a 3kVA Hybrid inverter and 3.6KWH of Li-Ion Batteries. Runs your AC for 2 hours in case of a power cut, and exports to grid in case of lean periods

News And Events
  • 190 KW pure grid tied Solar project successfully installed at IOCL Bathinda terminal & IOCL Jalandhar Terminal..

  • 200 KW Pure Grid Tied Solar project successfully installed at PEC, Manauri, Allahabad..

  • 10 KW Solar project successfully installed at FC College for women, Hisar..

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