TTL SERIES String Inverter 

Special Features:

  • Available in 10/15/20 KVA
  • High efficiency: max 98.2%, Euro 97.8%
  • Max I/P voltage: 1000v
  • Wide MPPT working range: 350V-800V
  • IP65 grade for outdoor use
  • MPPT with unbalanced I/P power management
  • Dual MPPT with Independent tracking
  • State Of The Art Italian Technology

Touchscreen Display:

  • Incredibly responsive touchscreen display
  • Accessible even after sunset
  • Inbuilt data Logger
  • Graphic Icons for clear readability
  • Multi-inverter readings on one display
  • Real time monitoring
  • Instant data Log transfer feature through USB pen drive

Additional Features:

  • Intelligent power management system
  • Suitable for installations with reduced string size
  • Web based remote monitoring available
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