Integrated Power Supply System
  • It is designed to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions
  • Used in N+1 configuration such that failure of any one module does not hamper.
220V SMPS Charger System
  • 320 x 240 Lattice LCD Screen or 10.7″ colour touch pad.
  • Auto float / boost settings.
24V/ 48V/ 11V/ SMPS Charger System
  • Automatic Float/Boost Changeover
  • Constant Current/Constant Voltage Charging of Battery

Statcon Energiaa offer also in India railways to manufacture integrated power supply system and multiple Volt SMPS Charger System.


To overcomes the power problems in Indian Railways a comprehensive power supply scheme IPS(integrated power supply) system has been developed.

The function of IPS system is to signaling system are both AC and DC power of varying voltage and power. It is designed to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions and still provide flexibility to the user for varying application to the extent that each IPS is configured and manufactured to meet – particular station load requirements.


Statcon Energiaa is the experts in design and manufacture the SMPS Charger for Indian Railways. We also offers complete power supply system with single battery but multiple output DC & AC Voltages using DC-DC Converter & Inverter modules.

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