Statcon Energiaa has been an industry pioneer in the Power Electronics sector for over 3.5 decades with over 30,000 completed projects and 160+ MW Solar Inverter Installations across the globe.

We offer a diversified range of energy solutions in four major divisions: Solar-Power-Defence-Railways to over 20 countries across 3 continents. We provide customised renewable energy solutions for residential, agricultural and industrial purposes. From R&D to manufacturing, installation to after-sales support – we are there at every step to fulfil your energy needs.

Statcon Energiaa is committed to fulfilling the Indian subcontinent’s rising energy needs. We pride ourselves in our technologically sophisticated designs that cater to a range of applications – from industrial-grade systems for the Indian Defence and the Railways to powering your homes, schools, cold storages, petrol pumps, farms and offices.

We design and manufacture the largest volume of solar inverters in India. We have been recognised for our innovative technology in providing solar solutions such as the recent award for ‘Excellence in E-Mobility and Storage‘ in 2018.

In a world moving rapidly towards renewable energy, we supply the very backbone of the solar industry – power electronics for reliable, powerful and cost-effective solar solutions. We also provide end-to-end solar solutions to provide a seamless renewable adoption for clients.

bridge to india report graphic (1)Solar Division: We are (as of Sept 2018) the largest solar inverter manufacturer in India. We are the only company in India offering a complete range of solar inverters including Hybrid MPPT PCUs (Storage + Grid export), SEOG MPPT-based PCUs, and String inverters. Along with these solar products we also manufacture and install solar-based projects for cold storage, petrol pumps, process industries, hospitals, micro and mini-grids, malls, schools, and homes.

Defence Division: We have more than 250 GPUs (40KVA-100KVA) powering the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, HAL, Private Civil aircraft, Government of Uganda, Nepal and Seychelles. Shore supply battery cum rectifiers and Static/Rotary Frequency Converters up to 600KW for Ships and submarines are also serving the nation at Naval Dockyards of Vishakhapatnam and Mumbai. India’s Largest Load bank at 1.25MW capacity is installed at Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam.

Power Division: Statcon Energiaa’s battery chargers are spread across the length and breadth of India with over 20,000 units currently functioning. Clients include DMRC, Jaipur Metro, Indian Army,  Air force, Navy, NTPC, NHPC, BHEL, NHDC, Electricity boards of MP, HP, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odisha etc.

Railways Division: Energiaa manufactures Integrated Power Supply systems for Railway Signalling Installations, Solar Level Crossing Gate (LC Gate) for remote areas, 48V Telecom power supply for Railways Signalling and comprehensive solar solutions with both Hybrid and Grid Tied Systems for Railway station utility services.

The company is certified as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, MSME, NSIC and SMERA. A select range of solar inverters is also certified as per IEC. You can read more about our certifications here.

It was a humid afternoon in 1986 in Delhi. Two Design Engineers huddled over their kitchen shelf, which was also their makeshift lab for experiments. They had just received a project which was boggling their minds. Nothing seemed to work. A controller, which had stopped the functioning of an entire chemical factory, was lying right there in front of their eyes, and they couldn’t understand what seemed to be off. They tried everything, but the time limit was drawing to a close. The company had given them a deadline, and they decided to give it one last try. They worked day and night for three days and came up with a tweak that revived the controller card. “It felt like we restarted the heart of the machine”, recalls Manoj Pande, MD and co-founder of the venture that was born thereafter. This one success sparked a multi million dollar venture that would span three decades, and revolutionise the energy market of India. 

Statcon Energiaa was finally born – and was named Statcon Power Controls Ltd at the time. Where ‘Stat’ stood for Static and ‘Con’ referred to Converters. In 2015, the company de-merged and Statcon Energiaa’s focus shifted to specific power conversion applications across Solar, Power, Defence, Telecom and Railways industries. 

  • Our Milestones:
Company Milestones | Statcon Energiaa

Our Team

Manoj Pande

Managing Director

Anil Dhar

Director, Sales & Marketing

Pranjal Pande


Prof. Sujit K. Biswas

Director, Technical

Pradeep Kr. Singh

Chief Technical Officer

Shashank Shukla

Head, Solar Products

Indrajit Bhattacharya

Head, Power Products

Arun Joshi

Head of Production

Nitesh Rastogi

Head of Procurement

Anurag Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Our independent R & D team is dedicated to innovating new products and creating tailor-made solutions for our clients and potential clients. With an attention for detail, they stay updated with the latest trends in the industry and experiment and test to cohesively come up with executable solutions.

With a corpus of 1.5% of annual revenue, the R & D Space is spread over 300 Sq. meter of dedicated area. A separate division allows us to work on new sub-parts, controls, drawings and software that can be tested on power equipment in the adjacent factory.

We have been comprehensively developing products with this department for over 29 years of the company’s existence. Most of the final product developments have taken place to meet Defence and Non-Defence order requirements where said design has been made, tested, executed and supplied single-handedly by our organization. Some of the accomplishments of our R&D Department are stated below:

Dedicated block of Research and Development Department

  • Battery Chargers for submarines : 4500 A Rating
  • Smart Grid Inverters with selectable battery discharge
  • Ground Power Units of 90KVA for AN-32 Aircraft
  • India’s Largest AC load bank at 1.5MW
  • Solar MPPT solution for Railway Coaches
  • Single Hybrid PCU of 250KVA
  • Central inverter up to 200KW
  • Grid Synchronised inverter for Hydro Turbines up to 100KW
  • Cold Storage Solar inverter at 550 VDC with PLC coupled VFDs

Our company has its own debt-free production unit covering 1,24,000 sq. ft. area divided into two blocks. The company at the moment has sufficient infrastructure to develop, manufacture, supply and maintain products due to the vast potential of its equipment and applications.

Prominent Features:

  • ERP Centralised software to monitor every tiny detail.
  • Fitting, Wiring, Testing & Quality all under one roof.
  • Individual Manufacturing, Testing and Quality check for each type of Product
  • Full in-house Printed-Circuit Board(PCB) Department
  • Double sealed, dust free area for the PCB Department
  • Dip soldering machine and heating oven chamber



Quality Control


Statcon Energiaa is certified as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 standards. We also have IEC certification for a select range of our solar inverters.

The Quality Control lab at our manufacturing unit comprises testing jigs for all electronic components coming into the inventory. High-power testing equipment includes Power Analyzers, Digital Meters and Environmental Heat Testing Chamber Ovens.

Pre-Quality Control is rigorous on all samples during the production process. No product is packed without a mandatory final quality check.

Regular training on component handling is provided to the production team at our QC lab, whose team members regularly update their know-how through technical seminars held regularly on our campuses by global experts.

Our Vendor Quality Program ensures the top-grade quality of our raw material supply, including semi-finished goods.


Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Moving forward from Make in India mission to Atmanirbhar Bharat, Statcon Energiaa is strongly committed to building a self-reliant Indian manufacturing ecosystem. Our business is backed by 30 years of our customers’ trust in us, and we have ensured they invest in a quality ‘Make in India’ experience. Our products are not just manufactured in India but also designed and developed domestically to match the present-day international standards.

Unlike many who procure full-fledged products from politically and economically hostile countries and sell them under ‘Make in India’ policy, we believe in values of transparency and honesty. True to our policy, we do not procure foreign products only to change labels and distribute it under our name. This policy has helped us provide after-sales support up to 15-20 years, maintaining spare parts and offering a manufacturer’s warranty and customer service. This has helped retain business for more than 30 years.

Our in-house R&D facility is among the only DSIR recognised in this field in India by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are still a major player in this industry three decades on and it is our company’s philosophy and policy to be ‘Vocal for Local’.

We want to be known as the ‘purchase preference’ for our customers, and not merely
a ‘price preference’. We hope to build our name in our customer’s minds by bringing
them entirely domestically designed and manufactured products, which they can relate
to and be proud of.
From Statcon Energiaa Pvt Ltd
Pranjal Pande | Director

Our Mission

To inspire, innovate and implement global standards for high performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in Power Electronics Manufacturing Company.

Our Vision

To evolve constantly according to the growing demands of the world and create products that match our core values of human care and environmental benignity.

Our Core Values

Manufacturing of products that are relevant, far sighted, durable and which don’t compromise on the standards that we have set for ourselves over the course of the last 28 yrs.


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