Hybrid Solar Solution for Cold Storages

Since 1991, Statcon Energiaa is the No.1 Trusted Indian Company in the Power Electronics Sector. With 25000+ Project Sites and 95 MW of Solar Inverter Installations across the globe, Statcon Energiaa offers products and services in four major sectors: Solar| Power| Defence| Railways to over 20 countries. The Company offers customized Renewable Energy Solutions to the Industrial, Utility and Residential sector as well as applications like Solar Cold Storages for the Agricultural Sector.

A solar cold storage unit offers the best solution in this regard. The cold storage chamber comes with a puff insulated walk-in type structure fitted with a vapour compression refrigeration system and a humidifier. It has solar panels attached to it rooftops and comes with a minimum battery backup. The solar plant generates about 70–110 kWh/day which is sufficient to operate the cold storage unit. The maintenance cost is also quite less. Farmers are also finding it simple to use with apps directing the usage. For example, a farmer just has to select which fruit/ vegetable is required to be stored. The unit itself makes the necessary settings and starts functioning. It is portable and can also be moved from one farm to another thus serving a community purpose.

India has around 6,300 cold storage facilities, with a capacity of 30.11 million tonnes. However, some 75-80 per cent of these refrigerated warehouses are suitable only to store potatoes, a commodity that produces only 20 per cent of agricultural revenue.

Presently India has a huge number of solar cold storage units running on Diesel Generators and intermittent Grid that result in inefficiency and an increased operating cost for the owner.

Typically the cold storage electric loads are non-continuous consisting of Main Compressor Motor (100-200hp), Pump Motor (10-30hp), Blower Motors (2-10hp), and a number of Fans.


As a result the capacity of DG Set is over 2.5 times the normal running loads.

  1. This results in an increased cost/ unit with DG Set running.
  2. A pure Grid Export (or Grid-Tie) Solar Solution does not address the day-night or occasional running requirement.
  3. Statcon Energiaa offers State-of-the-Art Solar Hybrid Solution which caters to the 24 x 7 need of Solar cold storage and can also export excess Solar Energy into Grid thus increasing the return on investment. With speed control of the motor’s availability in the plant, a system can be designed for increase in efficiency and reduction in Electricity bills- which is a major operating cost.
  4. The complete system is built around Solar Panels + special VFD Inverters + Battery +Bi-directional Hybrid Inverters- all controlled through a PLC with remote monitoring.
  5. Special care is taken in Battery selection as well as its type with monitoring so as to get effective service and long life.

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