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Boosting Defence Manufacturing in India | Statcon Energiaa

Boosting Defence manufacturing in India: Statcon Energiaa in the exclusive Indigenous Tech Category

From developing weapons and ammunition to building military vehicles and aircraft, India has made significant progress in self-reliance in the Defence manufacturing in India.

In recent years, the Indian government has also taken several steps to encourage private sector participation in defence manufacturing. In 2016, the government introduced the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP), which aimed to promote the development of a domestic defence industry by increasing the procurement of indigenously developed defence products. As per DPP, the following categories were introduced to educate Defence buyers about cutting-edge Indian manufacturing and to encourage products that were designed and manufactured in India.


Buy (Indian-IDDM) category under the DPP to promote the acquisition of indigenously developed defence products

Buy (Indian-IDDM) category under the DPP to promote the acquisition of indigenously developed defence products (Source: www.mod.gov.in)


What is “Buy (Indian-IDDM)”?

Buy (Indian-IDDM) category refers to the acquisition of products from an Indian vendor that have been indigenously designed, developed and manufactured with a minimum of 50% Indigenous Content (IC) on cost basis of the base contract price i.e. total contract price less taxes and duties.

In simpler terms, to qualify for the Buy (Indian-IDDM) category, the product or system being procured should be designed and developed in India and have at least 50% indigenous content in terms of components, sub-assemblies, and raw materials used in its manufacture.

Why Indian-IDDM?

 The defence sector is critical for any country’s security and sovereignty. By promoting the Make-in-India initiative, the Indian government aims to reduce dependency on imports and enhance the country’s defence capabilities. Under the Buy (Indian-IDDM) category, preference is given to Indian vendors over foreign vendors in the procurement process, provided the Indian vendor meets the necessary technical and quality requirements. This category is expected to boost indigenous research and development capabilities, create job opportunities, and enhance the overall economic growth of the country.

The broader Make-in-India policy has opened up several opportunities for private sector participation in defence manufacturing. It has encouraged the establishment of new manufacturing facilities, which has led to the creation of new jobs and the development of new technologies. Additionally, it has led to the transfer of technology and know-how from foreign partners to Indian companies, which has boosted indigenous research and development capabilities.

Moreover, by promoting the domestic defence industry, the Make-in-India policy has helped in reducing the defence budget’s expenditure, which is critical for the country’s overall economic growth.

Statcon Energiaa’s Indigenous Design, Development and Manufacturing

Statcon Energiaa is proud to be one of the few MSMEs in India to fall in the Category “Buy (Indian-IDDM)” for the Defence sector since its inception. Our products are 100% designed in our company in India, by our Design Engineering experts, and are manufactured 100% in India too, including sub-assemblies and a lot of the core sub-parts.

We carry out the complete manufacturing for all of our products in-house, within our own facility-  Design, Development, Testing and Implementation. Our indigenous design allows for the following:

  • Highest quality control
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Long-term servicing support
  • Faster technological innovation

… And much more.

Join the movement towards self-reliance in defence manufacturing and promote the Buy (Indian-IDDM) initiative today! Experience the best-in-class power electronics technology with Statcon Energiaa, a proud Indian company qualified under this category. Let’s together support the growth of the Indian Defence industry and make India a self-reliant nation.

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