Avoid 7 mistakes during solar installation

Do you own a Solar Plant? Avoid these 7 mistakes with your rooftop solar!

Solar energy is an increasingly popular way to generate electricity, and it is a renewable source of energy that is good for the environment. However, the installation process of solar panels can be complex and requires attention to detail. Unfortunately, there are some wrong practices in solar installation that can cause serious problems.

  1. Poor site selection and component placement
One of the most common mistakes in a solar installation is poor site selection. The site where the solar panels are installed should have enough sunlight to generate the desired amount of electricity. If the site is shaded, the solar panels will not generate enough power, and this will lead to inefficiencies in the system. Additionally, if the site is not strong enough to support the solar panels, they may become damaged or dislodged during inclement weather. The solar inverter, the heart of a solar power plant, needs to have proper ventilation and not be kept too close to walls or closely under the solar panels.
  1. Selection of components
Solar Installations have multiple critical components that require us to be mindful. The most crucial step is the selection of the Solar Inverter. It is roughly only 10% of the total installation cost but is the heart of a solar power plant. When choosing a solar inverter, it’s important to consider efficiency, durability, and reliability factors to ensure the solar installation is as efficient and effective as possible. Wires, panels, AJBs and other components are often standardised technologies, and hence, it is of utmost importance that you select the inverter technology after careful research and after talking to their installer about the pros and cons of each brand.
  1. Incorrect wiring
Another common mistake in a solar installation is incorrect wiring. The wiring between the solar panels and the inverter should be properly sized to handle the maximum current that will be flowing through them. If the wiring is undersized, it can cause a fire or a short circuit. Additionally, if the wiring is not properly connected, it can lead to inefficiencies in the system.
  1. Inaccurate sizing
Another common mistake in solar installation is inaccurate sizing. The solar panels, inverter, and batteries must be sized to match the energy needs of the property. If the system is undersized, it will not be able to generate enough power, and if it is oversized, it will be more expensive than it needs to be. A professional installer can help ensure the system is accurately sized for the property. However, always remember that energy needs only increase with time, so, never neglect future needs when installing a solar plant.
  1. Not reading Warranty Card and User Manual
The user manual provides important safety information to ensure you use the product safely. By not reading the user manual, you may be putting yourself and others at risk. Also, by not reading the warranty card and user manual, you may unintentionally void the warranty and be left with a product that is no longer covered by the manufacturer.
  1. Improper mounting
Improper mounting is another common mistake in solar installation. The solar panels should be mounted on a strong and sturdy surface to prevent them from becoming damaged or dislodged during inclement weather. Additionally, the mounting should be angled correctly to optimize the amount of sunlight that the solar panels receive.
  1. Neglecting maintenance
Lastly, neglecting maintenance is a common mistake in solar installation. Solar panels require regular maintenance to ensure that they are generating the maximum amount of power. If the solar panels are not properly cleaned, they may become covered in dust or debris, which will reduce their efficiency. Additionally, the wiring and connections should be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition.

In conclusion, solar installation requires attention to detail and should be performed by a professional installer. Poor site selection, incorrect wiring, inaccurate sizing, improper mounting, and neglecting maintenance are common mistakes in solar installation that can cause serious problems. If you are considering installing a solar energy system, it is important to choose a reputable installer with the necessary knowledge and experience to install it correctly. Avoiding these common mistakes ensures your solar energy system is safe, efficient, and reliable.

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