REI 2018 18th Sep to 20th Sep

Statcon Enegiaa participating in the Renewable energy expo (REI2018) at Greater Noida U.P, from 18th Sep to 20th Sep. We will showcasing our most demanding product Like Energy Storage System (ESS). The Energy Storage System is aimed at the new urban consumer segment who want a system that is sufficient to run their lifestyle.
This would involve uninterrupted running of Air conditioner during multiple power cuts through the day.
Li ion batteries ensure that the discharge curve during power cuts remains a gradually decreasing line instead of a series of peaks and surges as in the case of lead acid batteries.

  In this exhibition our main aim to make our country green and pollution free with using solar electronic product

  • Unlike energy from coal-fired processes solar energy does not result in harmful carbon emissions that increase global warming or atmospheric pollution. Statistically speaking, 1 kilowatt (KW) of solar energy prevents 300 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere.
  • Solar power also saves water, another natural resource that is getting scarcer by the day. Research shows that generating electricity using solar panels lets you save almost 90 percent water when you compare it with energy production from coal.

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