Solar Container Solution

Solar Container Solution

Developed with German engineering standards through STEAG in association with Statcon Energiaa, this container solar solution can be made available in any part of the world where such decentralized plug & play units are required.

The containerized hybrid Solar PV solution was launched on Monday by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in the presence of Professor Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The system can generate around 10,000 kWh/year and is on display in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi till the World Sustainable Development Summit later this month.

Social Impact

According to a Forbes article dated may 7 2018 only 1,417 of India’s 18,542 villages, or 7.3% of the total, have 100% household connectivity, and about 31 million homes are still in the dark.

With the agenda of attaining universal electric access by 2030, and to provide access to reliable and affordable energy, the system has been developed as a remote solution which can provide 24-hour electricity supply even without grid connection.

The PV solution to provide an integrated renewable energy system designed to lessen the energy burden in low-income areas and provide stable power to fulfil basic needs and improve living conditions of people in rural and far-flung areas in India and other developing nations. It can be quickly set up and put into operation on remote sites that have no grid or very poor grid availability.

Inside the System

The panels are fitted atop the container, providing it shade and helping control the temperature inside.

Container Standard 20L;40L marine container
Free area available 8 square meter
Solar Panels 4 to 8 kWp
Inverter Rating 6 to 250 kVa Hybrid PCU
Battery backup 3 to 24 hours (depends on load)
Battery Type Tubular gel; Lithium Ion
Interior walls & roof Insulated with Poly Urethene Foam
Air Circulation Forced fan cool circulation in electrical plant and natural circulation in office area
Wind Speed Tolerance 150 km/h

Mobile System

The container serves as a transport container within which the entire equipment is also delivered. At its destination, the container will serve as housing for the system and is placed on prepared platform/blocks, earthed & equipped with the PV solar modules. With connection to the grid (if available) the power is available – plug & play!

Some of its potential applications are:

  • Doctors clinic
  • Health screening by Para-medics
  • Cold storage of milk, vegetables and fish before collection
  • Vaccination centre
  • Centre for disaster management
  • Water purification systems


The social impact of providing such stand alone power generation systems can dramatically transform the quality of life in rural and remote areas in India. The container solution can act as a power source small facilities and applications. It is a mobile solution to provide power supply to remote areas.

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