Statcon Energiaa Installed Boost Charger At World Largest Samsung Mobile Factory In Noida

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji and South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday jointly inaugurated Samsung mobile factory — which is world’s largest mobile plant — in Noida in Uttar Pradesh.


Statcon Energiaa supplied & installed 5 set of dual float cum boost charger with battery bank in world largest Samsung mobile factory plant Noida Utter Pradesh. This Charger is being used for controlling the substations critical DC load catering up to 100A in case of Emergency

This Boost charger is capable of continuous operation at the respective load in float charging mode, i.e., float charging the associated batteries while supplying the DC load. The charger shall also be capable of Boost charging the associated DC Batteries.


The battery charger is provided with facility for both automatic and manual control of output voltage, current and a selector switch is provided for selecting these modes.When on the automatic mode during float charging, the charger output voltage shall remain within ±1% of the set value for AC input variation of ±10%, frequency variation of ±5% and a DC load variation from 0 to rated.

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