Statcon Energiaa Technical Workshop Cum Seminar

Statcon Energiaa holding the Technical Solar Seminar cum Service meet in following regions on follows date. Topics Covered under the Seminar were as Follows:
1. Load distribution
2. Sizing & Selection Of PCU
3. Charging Profile Of Battery
4. Modes Of Inverter
5. Installation Practice
6. Working
7. Faults
8. Troubleshooting
9. Scheduling
10. Grid export
11. Remote monitoring
For more information or to register for such future events, please check our website or mail us here;

Our comming Technical Workshop event are as follows
06th July 2018(Friday)          Jaipur (Piyush) @+91-9650133053
10th July 2018(Tuesday)        Lucknow (Mr. Shashank) @+91-9821396224
12th July 2018(Thursday)      Bhopal (Mr. Gaurav) +91-9821100566
16th July 2018(Monday)         Hisar (Mr. Saurav) +91-7011474340
Please Hurry Up to register yourself seats are limited

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