Energy Storage Systems

Statcon Energiaa’s Energy Storage Systems – ESS Pegasus Li+ & Sphinx Li+ series – form our stunning, powerful and premium segment of Solar Energy Storage Systems. A perfect combination of our robust Hybrid inverter technology and an energy pack of up to 24 KWh Li-Ion battery – it provides enough punch to run your heavy-duty loads like a 1.5 T air conditioner. This grid-synchronised plus storage-based solar pack promises 100% utilisation of power as compared to conventional solar PCUs. You can now store the electricity as per time-of-day (TOD) and export it to the grid during lean load periods or when you are not home. Run your loads on this heavy-duty inverter system and get rid of high electricity costs. This series is designed to revolutionise the vast domestic market, making seamless energy accessible in every household.

Statcon Energiaa's Energy Storage System features and technical specs

Features of Energy Storage Systems:

Runs your heavy loads

  • Runs heavy loads during a power cut
  • Can sustain a 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner Load
  • Applications: Bungalows, small offices, shops, farmhouses, villas, residential apartments, banks, and more

Modular expandability

  • Vertically integrable, modular design
  • Futureproof due to stackable design
  • Occupies minimal space

Remote Monitoring Via GPRS/ WiFi

  • 4G GPRS and WiFi options available
  • Monitoring as well as control
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App

Ratings to suit all

  • 3.6 – 24 kWh energy storage
  • 3kVA/ 1P – 15kVA/ 3P Discharge Power
  • In-built solar connectivity for future use

Plug ‘N’ Play – A Drawing Room solution

  • Minimal footprint with zero installation effort
  • In-built battery
  • Fits the aesthetics of your building/ house

Timed Scheduling Features

  • Programmable time-based schedules
  • Schedules include charge inhibit, sleep mode, forced-islanding, export control and load following
  • All schedules are remote-controllable

Synchronises with Grid for Power Export

  • Suited for net-metering applications
  • Built-in Time-of-Day feature
  • No need of additional export control



Li-based Energy Storage System ESS installed at Statcon Energiaa's factory

Energy storage system presentation | Statcon Energiaa

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