Energy Storage Systems

Energiaa’s ESS pegasus Li+ & Sphinx Li+ series is the new stunning and powerful premier segment Solar Energy Storage System for the Indian Market. A perfect combination of Energiaa’s robust Hybrid inverter technology with an energy pack of up to 14.4 KWhr of Li on battery provides enough punch to run your 1.5T air conditioner for long hours.

It is set revolutionise the immence domestic market, making solar accessible to every household. The grid synchronised plus storage besed solar inverter promises 100% utilisation of power as compared to conventional solar PCUs.

Now you can store the electricity according to time of day and export to grid duriring lean load periods or when you are not at home. Run your loads on its heavy-duty inverter system and save on high electricity bills.

Special Features:

  • Scheduling Features *
    Controlled scheduling via keypad or PLC Battery charging according to TOD Programmable night saving mode
  • Active Front End Technology
    Low distortion O/P for critical loads facility of Export control of power Export excess PV power to grid through grid synchronisation.
  • Battery Pack *
    Faster charging rate and low discharging rate is not affected by memory Effect and high temperatures Guaranteed 3000 cycles and up to 5000 cycles at 25* C at 50% DOD
  • Heavy Load capacity *
    Runs your Air conditioner for more than 2 hours in case of a power cut & ensures that you never remain without power. GPRS based web monitoring available.

*Note : These features are available in selected models at extra cost. Extra hardware/ software modules are required to implement these features.

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