High Power DC Supplies for Green Hydrogen Production

Statcon Energiaa’s High-Power Thyristor Rectifier is designed for high-voltage and high-current industrial downstream applications like Electroplating and Hydrogen Production.

Our Military-Grade power electronics assure long operability, minimal maintenance, and cutting-edge technology. We offer efficient and reliable DC Power Supplies for industrial water electrolysis.

260V, 4000A Rectifier for Defence Shore-Supply (Indoor Type)
260V, 4000A Rectifier for Defence Shore-Supply
(Indoor Type)
380V/550V, 4000A Rectifier for Navy (Outdoor Type)
380V/550V, 4000A Rectifier for Navy
(Outdoor Type)

High Power Rectifiers for Green Hydrogen production are essentially High Power DC Supplies for electrolyzers that help make hydrogen production robust, simple and cost-efficient

Our products are optimised to rectify:

  1. Input Side Power quality (including Harmonics and PF), and
  2. Output Side DC Power quality (in terms of the stability, regulation (both against Line and Load variations) and output AC ripples in DC voltage.

These products are also designed in a modular fashion that can be extended to meet high ratings demand up to 550V, 5000A in a single unit, and then parallelly extendable along such units.


  • Designed for a wide input supply range to withstand harsh tropical weather conditions
  • Can power Green Hydrogen Electrolyser Plants that use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Technology
  • These units are designed to operate in high temperatures without output power degradation – outdoor units up to 50°C and indoor units up to 45°C
  • Works with forced air-cooling, eliminating the use of air-conditioning
  • Air-cooled or oil-cooled isolation transformers available as per requirement
  • High conversion efficiency owing to single conversion

Technical specifications


  • All spares/ services available locally for a guaranteed service life of 35 years
  • Our rectifiers are already running successfully across Indian and foreign Naval Dockyards – with some for >20 years.
  • Comprises Intuitive Touchscreen Controller integrated with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to achieve dynamic response, remote operation along with data history storage facility availability
  • Rugged and time-tested Thyristor Converter Technology along with 12/24 pulse designs, using ‘galvanically isolated transformer’ and specially designed Inter-Phase transformers and filters. This ensures a clean DC output and high-quality input line parameters like harmonics and PF.



  • Rectifiers with IGBT Chopper also available in limited ratings
  • Available for both Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Trolley-mounted rectifiers available for outdoor use
  • Available from 350V to 750V DC range – the unit design is modular and numbers of identical rectifiers can be connected in parallel – for built-in redundancy and expandability
  • Can be designed to work on a 415V LT supply (As shown in figure)
  • Solutions working on 6.6KV/11KV/33KV with specialised designed transformers also available
  • Other customised, specialised items like Distribution Panels also available
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