HBD Series – Bi-Directional Hybrid MPPT Inverter

Statcon Energiaa’s HBD range of Solar Hybrid Inverters is the No.1 Trusted Hybrid Solar Technology in the Indian market. Its Active Front End interface enables it to store renewable energy in the battery as well as export any excess solar power generated, to the grid through net meter, resulting in improved savings at the consumer end.

A high level of flexibility in the form of configurable set points gives the HBD series an unparalleled level of control over the inverters’ parameters. Its customisable settings make it the ideal product for solar applications like process industries or Telecom BTS where each site has a different grid condition.

It is also easy to connect remote monitoring box which can remotely control your HBD inverter and view system parameters with interactive graphical options.

Special Features:

  • Scheduling Features *
    Controlled scheduling via keypad or PLC Battery charging according to TOD Programmable night saving mode
  • Active Front End Technology
    Low distortion O/P at unity power factor Increased battery life by avoiding PSOC condition Export excess PV power to grid through grid synchronisation.
  • BESS Solution *
    Peak load shaving/ Load Levelling Voltage/ Frequency Regulation Time shifting applications.
  • Flexible Compatibility *
    Can be AC coupled with String inverters Compatible with wind, hydro and other sources as well Seamless synchronisation with DG Sets.

*Note : These features are available in selected models at extra cost. Extra hardware/ software modules are required to implement these features.

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