Anandi Magic World (Lucknow)

Anandi Magic World in the city of Lucknow is an amusement park. It is known to be the biggest water park in north India with innumerable number of water slides and adventures. It has recently installed a 280 KW Solar Power Plant with Hybrid Inverter from our company Statcon Energiaa Private Limited.

Plant 280 KW Solar Power Plant
Inverter 70KW 550V Three Phase Hybrid Inverter & 250KW 550V Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 


Type of Plant Hybrid


Battery Exide 1000Ah / 550V (2 Nos.)


PV Panels  

Adani 325Wp Panel


The water park when it was constructed was from the starting was dependent on solar only not on the grid as earlier our company had installed 100 KW on which the construction of the water park took place. This project undertaken by our company was a very successful one indeed.


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