Microgrid and Minigrid Inverter

“The Energy Corridor” – Microgrid and Minigrid Inverters by Statcon Energiaa

Statcon Energiaa offers a Smart Outdoor Inverter Solution for microgrids that integrates multiple energy sources, including renewables (biomass, wind, hydro and solar), battery storage, and diesel generators. This is an IP55 heavyduty integrated inverter solution which is Plug-n-Play for ease of use. It delivers continuous, voltage-stabilized power to the loads and supports AC and DC coupling. Statcon Energiaa’s “Microgrid Energy Corridor” solution also connects with other microgrids through AC coupling.

The idea of a scalable microgrid business is at the core of this product’s design philosophy

Statcon Energiaa’s unique inverter technology integrates all protection features, eliminating the need for array junction boxes, AC distribution boxes, etc. It supports different types of external storage technologies like lead-acid, gel, lithium, and flow batteries. It has a built-in interface to charge batteries and power loads via a diesel generator. The IOT-enabled inverter enables remote monitoring and control through multiple levels.


  • Combines multiple renewables: Can combine multiple renewable sources like Solar, Biomass, Wind and Micro-Hydro to provide seamless, uninterrupted power to the microgrid.
  • A Plug-N-Play Outdoor Solution that requires zero infrastructure for operation. It requires no AJB, ACDB or protections as all these are in-built.
  • Provides battery storage to store energy using all types of external storage technologies like Lead Acid, Gel, Lithium, and Flow batteries.
  • In-built interface for Diesel Generators to charge the batteries and cater to loads.
  • Loads of smartness through IoT-based Multilevel Remote Monitoring and Control, hence, giving operator-level ease of operation.
Microgrid and minigrid inverter in India by Statcon Energiaa


  • Supports both AC Coupling and DC Coupling to increase system scalability
  • AC-AC Power Transfer for connecting multiple microgrids.
  • Zero Downtime owing to its reliable and redundant design.
  • 100% Technology ownership: No company currently offers a single solution for microgrids apart from a few assemblers who do not own the individual components (MPPT chargers, inverters, and so on), leading to zero sense of ownership. This compromises the system’s reliability in the long run. Consequently, microgrid owners replace such products within a year of installation and then switching to some other similar available product.

It is indigenously designed and developed with all its components like transformers, cabinets, power stacks PCBs, and software designed in India. Thus, it boasts of a 100% control on technology. This product allows microgrid operators to not only operate with peace of mind, but also have the confidence to expand them in future.

Statcon Energiaa offers highly competitive pricing for this innovative solution to cater to a growing microgrid demand.

Impact of Our Technology

Currently, we are catering to more than 500 microgrids through our solution in India and abroad – competing with some of the biggest names across the globe. In rural regions, where this product is running, the residents are benefitting from interrupted power supply, easy system maintenance, increased employment, improved local commerce and much more.

Moving forward, we plan to bolster more microgrids by associating with some of the biggest microgrid operators in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. We are one of the very few unique manufacturers operating in this space who have 100% ownership of the technology being used and hence, microgrid operators can feel confident not only about the reliability aspect but even the improved LCOE for the next 10+ years.

This technology ensures that the heart of a microgrid solution is sophisticated yet simple to use. With this aim, we have designed this product for minimal maintenance and maximum durability. The more user-friendly it is, the more it will help our clients to recommend it for microgrid and minigrid programmes and the end-user will also be able to reap maximum benefit.

Statcon Energiaa’s ‘Microgrid Energy Corridor’ was awarded ‘Excellence in Renewable Energy Storage Solution’ at REI Awards. Read the press coverage here.

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