Bridge to India Solar Rooftop Report 2019

In the month of June 2019 Bridge to India published a report on the current scenario of the total installed capacity in the field of solar energy in India. Bridge to India is a company which conducts market research & creates reports and analysis on the basis of the data collected.

According to the India solar rooftop report 2019, the total installed capacity till 31st March 2019 in solar is 4375 MW with the most share of industrial sector of an estimate of about 2140 MW with the highest share contributed from the state of Maharashtra of nearly 618 MW and Bihar with the least ranking with only 20 MW.

Our company Statcon Energiaa Private Limited stands 13th in the ranking as per the data in 2019 in the report published by Bridge to India, among India’s Solar Manufacturers all over India with a share of about 1.58% of the total share of 1836 MW in inverter supplies. 

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