India's Largest Load Bank by Statcon Energiaa 4.7 MW

Empowering Maritime Safety: India’s largest Load Bank by Statcon Energiaa for Indian Navy

Preparedness remains a cornerstone for safeguarding the Indian Navy’s Diving Support Vessels (DSVs). Statcon Energiaa recently achieved a historic milestone by supplying India’s Largest Load Bank at 4.7MW (Single Unit) to Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL). This colossal load bank serves a critical role in subjecting the vessels to rigorous testing under the most demanding electrical conditions, ensuring their readiness for pivotal missions. This Load Bank is 100% Designed and Manufactured in India by Statcon Energiaa.

The provision of this substantial load bank by Statcon Energiaa marks a historic stride in bolstering the Indian Navy’s operational capabilities. Designed to scrutinize the vessels’ electrical systems, this technological advancement ensures they are fully equipped to face extreme scenarios as they venture into the ocean’s depths.

Contextualizing this milestone, the two Diving Support Vessels constructed by Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL) in Visakhapatnam represent a leap forward in the Indian Navy’s maritime assets. Equipped with sophisticated Diving Support systems and a Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV), they stand prepared for submarine rescue operations in the deep seas.

Beyond their primary functions, these DSVs are versatile, undertaking ‘Search & Rescue’ operations, showcasing their multi-dimensional role in ensuring maritime safety. Additionally, their ability to conduct Helicopter Operations at sea amplifies their utility in various operational contexts.

Statcon Energiaa strives to work not only to elevate such operational standards but also to demonstrate the commitment to equip our Defence forces for the challenges of tomorrow’s maritime landscape. The historic nature of this largest-ever 4.7MW Load Bank further underlines India’s stride in pioneering advancements for maritime safety and readiness.

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