ISO 45001:2018 Certification: Statcon Energiaa

Statcon Energiaa was awarded with ISO 45001:2018 in recognition of the organization’s Health and Safety Management System by United Registrar of Systems (URS) on 11 December 2019.

What is ISO 45001:2018?

ISO 45001:2018 provides requirements for an effective occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. This system helps to reduce workplace injuries and accidents, as well as continually improve the OH&S performance of the business.

The purpose of an OH&S management system is to provide a framework for managing OH&S risks and opportunities. The aim and intended outcomes of the OH&S management system are to prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers and to provide safe and healthy workplaces; consequently, it is critically important for the organization to eliminate hazards and minimize OH&S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification-

  • Manage OH&S risks and improve performance to help make people safer and healthier.
  • Benefit from Fewer accidents, less absenteeism, lower employee turnover rate, better morale.

Statcon Energiaa follows an effective health and safety management system that provides benefits to our customers and gives us a competitive advantage by:

  • Minimising the risks of production delays
  • Ensuring a safe environment to do business
  • Signifying our commitment to uphold an effective health and safety policy


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