Date: 11 AM, Tuesday 12th January 2016-02-17

An event was recently organised by the INDIAN INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION AND THE MEERUT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION titled : “solar power & renewable energy resources: Optional Today, Compulsory Tomorrow”.The Venue was Mohkampur Meerut where a variety of Industries and business Owners of Meerut and nearby regions had been assembled to hear experts talk on the Viability, Types and financial nuances of installing solar Power systems.

Mr. Manoj Pande ( MD Statcon Energiaa) was one of the Key speakers in the event giving a presentation which opened up quite a lively discussion among the panel members and the audience. Speaking afterwards he said “ it is important for people to understand Solar systems from the industry experts and see live working plants to get a grasp so that a lot of them can let go of their own pre conceived notions regarding Solar”

Prominent Members from the Solar Fraternity along with Mr. Manoj Pande were present in the panel Including Director MNRE Mr. G R Singh, Mr. Yogesh Garg (Systellar Innovations), Mr. Shah Masood Jafar( Tata Power), Mr Anil and Mr. Agarwal from PVVNL among others.

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