Replacing Home inverter with Solar Inverter

Today’s electricity problems in India demand a solution that can give you uninterrupted power with longer backups. Home UPS and inverters have been in the Indian market for more than 18 years now, with the same technology and benefits that they used to offer 18 years ago.
Solar inverters nowadays are more affordable than ever before and offer interactive features and better power utilisation than any of the conventional inverters in the Indian Market.
The provide benefits that are eco-friendlier and help reduce the monthly electricity bill, giving not only Cheaper backup but better battery life too.

Advantages of replacing with SEOG Series Solar Inverter:

  • Add Solar whenever you want. Today, next month, next year, whenever
  • Large display screen to view all parameters
  • Increased battery life compared to Other inverters
  • Longer backup capability due to sharing of backup load requirement by Solar PV and Battery
  • Option for Remote monitoring via GPRS or WiFi
  • Monitor your home loads and manage them to reduce bills
  • All these benefits at the cost of very little extra money

A financial comparison would reveal that Home inverters of today cost anywhere between 6000 to 9000 in the market today. For only 11000-12000 rupees, one gets the additional benefits of all the features mentioned above.
Send an enquiry today for Energiaa’s SEOG series Solar inverter to or get it from a dealer near you.
Click on this link if you are interested in taking up a dealership for the SEOG Series Solar PCU, the No.1 technology solar inverter in India.

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