Solarising the Bina-Panki Pipeline

Statcon Energiaa is proud to be associated with the ground-breaking project of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Govt of India – THE BINA-PANKI PIPELINE.

With the Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi having inaugurated the pipeline on 28th December 2021 – we reiterated our commitment to a cleaner, more efficient future!
We have provided the complete Renewable Energy solution for all SV Stations along the entire length of the entire 355-km-long pipeline, which will contribute to the safety and sustainability of the pipeline! 

This pipeline will ensure easy availability of natural gas across the region – potentially help achieve economic and social progress. 

SV Stations Solarised 

  • 1200 Ah – 48V Battery Bank 
  • Along with Battery Monitoring System  
  • 11 Hybrid Plants – each of 19.2 kWp 

Installed at regular intervals to isolate pipeline sections during emergencies. All 11 SV stations solarised by Statcon Energiaa, Total capacity 211.2 kWp. 

This project and our Renewable Solution was extensively covered by the Media – snippets of which are embedded below: 


356 kilometres long Bina-PankiCountry’s Ambitious Pipeline Adopts Renewable Energy – This Company is Behind the Feat  power insight news

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