SEOG Off Grid Solar PCU

Energiaa’s SEOG Series is the No.1 Trusted Solar Inverter Technology in the Indian market. Smart management of renewable Solar Power, Grid Supply and Battery allows it to deliver power seamlessly for all electrical applications. Thus, it significantly reduces Diesel consumption and electricity bill.

Built for high performance to battle the tough Indian grid conditions, SEOG Series provides you with an economical power solution and gives the benefit of optimal renewable energy 365 days a year.

Advanced DSP control technology and high-efficiency MPPT gives you the maximum solar generation and a true sinewave so even sensitive appliances can run uninterrupted for a long period of time.

Special Features:

  • 5 Mode Priority Selection
    S>G>B | S>B>G | S>G>B* Intelligent Mode | Battery Extra Backup Mode | Normal Home Inverter Mode
  • Industrial Grade Inverter
    Designed for reliability against frequent grid variations
    The transformer provides galvanic isolation and has a long life
    Protective breakers at all inputs & outputs.
  • Monitoring
    Largest LCD Display in its class for great visuals
    Inbuilt data logging capability up to 5 years
    RS 232, GPRS, WiFi remote monitoring available
  • Plug N Play
    Rewireable inline plugs for AC input and output
    Ideal for solar integrators due to ease of installation
    Designed for hassle-free commissioning.
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