Remote Monitoring System for Solar Plants

In order to offer its customers the ultimate convenience and make renewable energy monitoring easy, Statcon Energiaa has devised a remote monitoring system that uses GPRS technology. The GPRS-based remote monitoring system is an intuitive tool to give you the insights you require to observe and analyse the data of your plant from any location. You can access it on your laptop as well as on your mobile phone.

We understand that the speed and efficiency with which a problem or issue is addressed can be the difference between profit and loss. For that, you need to monitor your plant 24/7, 365 days a year and stay on top of any potential problems.
You can measure the following data through our system:

– Daily units generation
– Voltage
– Current
– Imported units from the Grid and Battery usage status
– All other parameters on the device of your choice

Report generation:Export to excel
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