Statcon Energiaa is India’s leading power electronics manufacturer, Statcon Energiaa Wide Range of Products of industrial grade products in the field of SOLAR, CHARGERS, DEFENCE AND RAILWAYS. In renewables we offer the best Solar hybrid inverter up to 250kw with great price and service support.
Battery chargers from 20A up to 4000A among other products like solar inverters, smps power plants, railways IPS, MW load banks among others. Statcon Energiaa has a team of professional power electronics engineers to handle all the aspects according to client requirement. We aim to deliver the smooth running solar inverter products with zero complain.

Exporting Highly Popular MPPT Solar Inverters Around the Globe.
Statcon Energiaa is currently exporting to more than 10 countries globally, Solar Inverters in the range of 1-250 kW. 

Inverter Global Export Company
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