Maximize Testing Efficiency with AC/ DC Load Banks by Statcon Energiaa

At Statcon Energiaa, we offer a comprehensive range of AC and DC load banks for all types of testing and commissioning applications. Our load banks are designed to simulate real-life operating conditions, allowing you to verify and optimize system performance before installation.

Our AC and DC load banks come in a variety of configurations to meet the specific requirements of your application. From compact, portable units to high-capacity systems, we have the perfect load bank solution for your needs.

Our load banks are built with the highest quality components and engineered for reliability, ensuring accurate and consistent performance. They are also easy to use, allowing you to set up and run tests quickly and efficiently.

Take control of your testing process with Statcon Energiaa’s AC and DC load banks. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your testing goals.


Output Power 10 KW – 4700 KW (4.7 MW) Resistive / Inductive with M-Load
Output Voltage 220V DC – 360V DC and 380V AC – 460V AC
Output Frequency 50/ 60 Hz

Statcon Energiaa supplied India’s Largest Load Bank at 4.7MW (Single Unit) to the Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. This massive AC Load Bank now stands ready to test their Diving Support Vessels (DSVs) in the most demanding electrical conditions, ensuring they are fully equipped for crucial missions. Learn more about it here.

Our 3MW Load Bank for the Naval Dockyard also got commissioned and inaugurated recently at Vishakhapatnam in a prestigious ceremony. Watch the glimpses in the video below:

1520kW Load Bank

1520kW Load Bank
1520kW Load Bank

450kW Load Bank

450kW Load Bank by Statcon Energiaa
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