Frequency Converters

Statcon Energiaa’s Rotary Frequency Converters are designed to meet the rugged but specific AC power requirements in different frequency ranges. It can be used to convert 50Hz/60Hz into any other frequency of 50Hz/60Hz/100Hz/200Hz or 400Hz.

The Rotary Frequency Converters (RFCs) are designed and manufactured using the company’s rich experience in Rotary Machine Controllers, Power Electronics and Ground Power Unit. It uses DC motor with digital control for the prime mover while brush-less alternator is used to get AC output of a desired frequency and voltage.

Statcon Energiaa’s RFCs are available in fixed skid mounted and wheel mounted trolley and is supplied with suitable cable and aircraft connectors.

The laminated Yoke DC motor is driven through precision SCR controlled DC drive. In order to get a high degree of frequency stability the high accuracy tachogenerator is used, whose feedback is used to get very accurate speed control as well as fast transient response in case of sudden loading (say jerk load) of the RFC.

Similarly, a modern state-of-the-art electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is used to get AC voltage regulation of RFC output. It also gives fast transient response of output voltage against transient loading.

Both Rotary Pans are lightly coupled and they are provided with anti vibration pads to reduce vibration.

The control and monitoring display uses microprocessor controller-based circuit, which helps in accurate sensing and monitoring of the output parameters. A provision is also there to set the tripping levels of voltage, frequency and overload with respect to the pre-filled time interval for protection and alarm annunciation.

Rotary FC

Rotary FC

Static FC

Static FC
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