Helo Starters: Brushed Starter Generators for Aircraft and Helicopters

At Statcon Energiaa, we understand the unique requirements of aircraft and helicopter applications, which is why we’ve engineered over 330 brushed starter generator models.

Our range of current outputs, from 150Amp to 550Amp, ensures a solution for any requirement.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our designs, which incorporate common components for best use of our accumulated experience in ongoing development. The starter generator operates as a motor for engine starting and as a generator for supplying 28V DC electrical power after the engine has started.

Gas turbine aircraft have two types of electric starting systems: direct cranking and starter generator. Direct cranking is commonly used for small turbine engines such as APUs, while many larger gas turbine aircraft utilize starter generator systems. These systems work similarly to direct cranking, but with a second set of windings allowing it to switch to generator mode once the engine reaches self-sustaining speed, saving weight and space on the engine.

Experience the benefits of air-cooled starter generators with flexible air inlet and outlet duct options to match your aircraft requirements. Choose Statcon Energiaa and stay ahead in the game with our cutting-edge technology.

Contact us today to learn more about our brushed starter generator solutions for aircraft and helicopter applications. Trust in our expertise to power your mission-critical projects.

Helicopter Starter
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