High Power DC Regulated Supply

The High Power DC Supplies are backed-up by the company’s valuable 29+ years of technical experience in the field of Power Electronics.

The DC Rectifiers are designed both regulated and un-regulated type and can be used for Ground maintenance of aircrafts and other related equipment. It can also be used for testing and starting of armed vehicles or for other applications.

The DC regulated supplies manufactured by Statcon Energiaa are designed to give highly stable, well regulated, low ripple output capable of meeting continuous as well as short time ranking duty DC loads demands.

In addition, the monitoring and alarm circuit ensures that the unit trips in case of any abnormal conditions which are necessary as per Govt. or MIL Standards for Defence equipments.

The technologies used for AC-DC are fully solid state including SCR controls as well as IGBT/MOSFET based SMPS technologies. It is available in a wide range from 50A to 2000 Amps (higher on request*). The DC regulated supplies are available in both free- standing models as well as trolley mounted options.

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