Microcontroller Based Battery Chargers

The Microcontroller based Battery chargers are the outcome of the advanced power electronics based on switching technology and use of advance digital embedded systems to ensure the outstanding performance, backed by improved, systematic diagnostics.

Statcon Energiaa’s Microcontroller based battery chargers are backed-up by Development Team’s 29+ years experience in the field of power electronics. The Battery chargers are widely used in the Thermal, Hydro & other Power generating Stations, Control & Instrumentation & other similar applications.

The Battery charger gives the highly stable output to meet the designed load requirements on wide range of the AC input supply.

The LCD Display of the charger panel provides a user friendly parameter with settings & calibration provision which are password protected.

The Technology used for AC/DC conversion is thyristor based digitally controlled & is available in wide range from 24V/2000A to 220V/1000A.

Special Features:

  • Temperature Compensation for VRLA Battery
  • Automatic Float & Boost voltage setting on selection of Battery type & number of cells
  • Automatic Float to Boost and Boost to Float changeover current setting on selection of Battery AH capacity
  • Battery health test facility
  • AC/DC Voltage & Current calibrations

Microprocessor Controlled Industrial Battery Chargers

Microprocessor Controlled Industrial Battery Chargers
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