SMPS Based Battery Chargers

Built with the R&D Department’s 29+ years experience in design and supply of Battery Chargers, the SMPS Technology has been developed to hold many advantages over the conventional SCR Controlled Technology such as redundancy, modular construction, efficiency, low input line current harmonics and high input line power factor.

It is a proven technology with more than 10,000 such modules currently working in harsh Indian environmental conditions.

The incredible monitoring & control module continuously monitors input supply as well as Battery path DC Voltage & Current and gives suitable command to all modules operating in parallel.

Special features:

  • Automatic Float / Boost Changeover
  • Constant Current/Constant Voltage Charging of Battery
  • Output voltage settings for VRLA/Lead Acid / Ni-Cd Batter
  • Temp compensation for VRLA Battery
  • Battery Health Monitoring
  • Dropper Diode Selection
  • Lightning and surge protection at rack level.
  • Each SMPS Module strictly meets following technical parameters.
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