Industrial Battery Chargers and Rectifiers

Statcon Energiaa offers highly reliable and rugged Industrial Battery Charger solutions for all DC power supply applications. We have made our presence felt with Power generation, T&D, Defence, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Railways and other industrial applications. These Industrial Battery Chargers are available in both natural cooled as well as forced-cooled designs.

With in-house transformer manufacturing, fitting and wiring facilities, we maintain strict quality control over the whole process. The team of designers, with documentation personnel, help in supplying custom-built solutions to all Rectifier/Battery charging needs.

Built over glass epoxy board, the control circuit uses advanced Digital and analog circuit blocks and suitable customization is done for all special application of the user. The special design feature of our Industrial battery charger is high transient response under specified load & line variations.

Statcon Energiaa offers various charger configurations like Float-cum-Boost Charger with dropper diodes, Dual Redundant Systems, Float & Float Cum Boost Charger, Dual Float-Cum-Float Boost Charger System and Multiple charger system with redundant (standby) charger etc. However, the need for proper battery charging is always kept in mind to get the best state of charge and life of the battery bank used.

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