A Power supply system is at the heart of telecom systems & electronic equipments. For reliable installation of telecom assets, reliable power supply system is of utmost importance.

In an AC electrified area, the main power is derived from the traction supply. This supply is very reliable but its occasional interruption/low voltage can’t be ruled out.

In non-electrified areas, the main supply is obtained from commercial power supply. The source of power supply is through a rural feeder, which is quite unreliable in respect of its availability and voltage. A battery backup is provided in the DC circuit, which requires even more maintenance.

The function of SMPS Power Supply system is to provide a stable and reliable AC and DC power supply to the telecom installations against mains supply variations or interruptions.
The SMPS Power Plant for Indian Railway telecom circuits shall be manufactured as per RDSO’s Specification NO. RDSO/SPN/TL/23/99.

This power plant can work either with VRLA or Conventional Lead Acid Battery. The system including FR/FC or FR/BC modules shall be suitable for operation from AC mains or from a DG set. We are one of the few RDSO-approved source to supply 48V SMPS Power Plant in (N+1) or (N+2) configuration with ultimate capacity of 800 Amps (single phase).

SMPS Charger System

SMPS Based Power Plant Railway Statcon

Special Features:

  • The FR-FC or FR-BC modules shall be housed in (n+1) or (n+2) parallel configuration in a single rack where ‘n’ is the actual required number of FR-FC, FR-BC modules for meeting the particular load requirement.
  • Power Plant shall consist of a Distribution-Switching-ControlAlarm Arrangement (DSCA) and Float Rectifier-cum-Chargers (FRFCs) or Float Rectifier cum Boost Chargers (FR-BCs).
  • The Power Plant shall be capable of meeting the load requirement (equipment and battery bank) for various telecom equipments. The system shall be expandable at rack level itself, using the basic modules of the same rating.
  • To cater for higher load requirements, same type of FR-FCs or FR-BCs mounted in the same rack shall be capable of working in parallel load sharing arrangement.
  • The Power Plant including FR-FC or FR-BC modules shall be suitable for operation from AC Mains or from a DG Set.
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