Solar Urban Office Solution

Solar Urban Office Solution 

Statcon Energiaa’s Solar Hybrid HBD Series and TTL String Inverter Series are the No. 1 Solar Solution for cost-efficient and consistent power supply to urban offices. Save lakhs of rupees annually by reducing fuel consumption and do not worry about irregular/fluctuating electricity supply. Our solution has been successfully installed in hundreds of buildings across India with an average payback period of 2.5 years.

With rapid urbanisation across India, the number of “buildings” is growing at a rapid rate. Every building (office, factory, mall) runs on electricity and uses a DG Set as a backup source for daily usage as the grid supply is erratic and suffers from frequent interruptions of different sizing which are called as blackouts.

This has led to high fuel costs with increased consumption of electricity which has led to high overhead costs for companies. A solar setup is a great long-term solution to reduce overhead costs and avoid production delays cause by power cuts.

Overhead Cost Savings
Carbon Dioxide Saved
ROI - 2.5 yrs


  • Frequent power cuts up to half hour.
  • High cost of electricity depending on the Time Of Day.
  • High demand charges when exceeding sanctioned load.
  • Low power factor resulting KVAH losses.
  • High diesel consumption and maintenance of Diesel Generator.
  • Conventional batteries have a short life.
  • Loss of productivity among employees
  • A sun exposed terrace causes extra strain on the Air conditioners


  • Uninterrupted backup provided by Solar Panels + Battery.
  • Solar panels supply power during office hours.
  • Peak shaving feature helps to avoid exceeding sanction load.
  • Energiaa’s Hybrid Inverters improves the power factor.
  • Negligible diesel cost due to PV + Battery solution.
  • Hybrid Inverter ensures maximum life of batteries by charging it via multiple sources.
  • No employee dissatisfaction due to power cuts.
  • Solar Panels cover terrace and reduce strain on Air Conditioners.

Solutions By Statcon Energiaa

Rooftop solar solutions create a buffer which is bidirectional and can stand and deliver the energy reliably in a most cost effective manner.

HBD Hybrid Inverter – It provides both grid-tied solar that provides extra battery storage and off grid solar systems that provides utility backup power.

On-Grid Inverter – For conditions where diesel generators are used in the absence of power supply or the power cuts are very low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this require a high initial cost of project?

Best market rates and Green Building Loans available at low interest rates + added benefit of accelerated depreciation make a lucrative long-term solution.

Is it suitable for Indian conditions?

Backed by 30 yrs of experience, with an in-house R&D Department, Statcon Energiaa’s products are manufactured in India only to meet the harsh Indian Conditions.

Is there any use of solar power on Sundays and/or other holidays?

You can export power to a grid during lean load periods and avail benefit of net metering.

Are there any other hidden savings?

The Night Sleep Mode creates savings which amount to more than ₹50,000 per annum.

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