Solar Applications Project

With the accessibility of Solar energy, it is becoming more and more of a viable solution (in terms of being Green and as an investment as well) for industries and residences alike.

But like the crystals of snowflakes, each solar application is different and deserves a customised solution for maximum efficiency. Taking an example, for solar applications consisting of motor loads, a badly designed system will have a very large inverter to compensate the surge load but a well designed system would not only reduce this cost but have better savings in the longer run as well.

Take a look at some of the customised solutions to these solar applications and drop us a mail to know further at .

Site Details: Place: Tuticorin Solar Panels capacity: 60KWp Type of inverter: Pure Grid Tie Central Inverter
Site Details: Place: Meerut PV panels: 6KWp Type of inverter: Off Grid Inverter 6KW Batteries: 96V 200Ah
Site Details: Place: Sheikhpura PV panels: 25KWp Type of inverter: 30 Kwp Solar Hybrid Inverter Batteries: 120V 200Ah
Site Details: Place: Ranchi PV panels: 10KWp Type of inverter: Batteries:
Site Details: Place: Pilkhua PV panels: 30KWp Type of inverter: Solar Hybrid Inverter 50 KW Batteries: 120 V 400Ah
Site Details: Place: Nawada PV panels: 25KWp Type of inverter: Solar Hybrid Inverter 25KW Batteries:120V 200Ah
Site Details: Place: Kerala PV panels: 25KWp Type of inverter: Solar Hybrid Inverter 30 KWp Batteries: 120V 300Ah
Site Details: Place: Greater Noida PV panels: 100KWp Type of inverter: Pure Grid Tie Central Inverter Batteries: N/A
Site Details: Place: Kanpur PV panels: 7KWp Type of inverter: Solar Off Grid Inverter 10KWp Batteries: 96V 200Ah
Site Details: Place: Gaya PV panels: 25KWp Type of inverter: Solar Off Grid Inverter 30KWp Batteries: (48V 200Ah) x 20
50 KWp Roof top solar power plant at CMA office Chennai . Pure Grid Tie Inverter
Lucent Publication house Patna got a has got a 60KW of rooftop solar power plant installed. It is a Hybrid system and a major feature of this building is that it is fully OFF THE GRID. Thus it is a fully green building which creates and supplies its own home made power. The site does have Two diesel generator sets as well which have not yet been used since the day the plant was commissioned
UP’s first solar-based cold storage has been installed in Etawah. Statcon has completed this project at Shree Cold Storage with a solar module capacity of 150 KW. Established in 1977, Shree cold storage has a capacity of 10,400 metric tons at present. Three Compressors are required to run the cold storages whose electrical loads respectively are 150 HP, 120 HP and 100 HP. The cold storage has an approved electrical load of 250KW. The cold storage has received subsidy under an existing Govt. Scheme(Ekikrat Bagwani Vikas Mission). Approximately 700 units of electricity is being saved per day due to this unique system installed by Statcon. This amounts to a monthly saving of nearly Rs 1.50 lakhs. This type of Solar Solution can run such large plants with more loads as well, which is very profitable for the consumer. In areas where the power supply is less and erratic, this is a blessing for the consumer. The plant was studied satisfactorily by an inspection team of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India on the 2nd of September 2015. Mr. Prabhat Saxena, Chief Advisor, National Horticulture Mission,Government of India and Mr. Vanshaj Kaushal NCCD scientist, Government of India were present on this occasion and closely analysed the project with satisfactory results.
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