Solar Central Inverters for PV Application

PV systems on remote C&I buildings represent distributed power generation at its best close-to-consumption point. For these applications, StatconEnergiaa’s latest Solar Central Inverters with inbuilt Power Transformers offer full flexibility to be used with Grid Supply / Diesel/ Bio Generators*. This product converts solar PV power and feeds it to available grid supply. Solar central inverters continue to operate only when solar power is available. In case solar is absent unit goes to sleep mode / disable mode.

Our central inverters are designed to handle a large amount of power and are typically used in commercial and utility-scale solar energy systems. They are connected to a large array of solar panels and convert the DC electricity produced by all of the panels into AC electricity. Central inverters are efficient and can handle large amounts of power, but if a problem occurs in the system, the entire system may be affected. Hence, our reliable technology coupled with our 35+ years of experience in power converters make su the best fit for your Central Inverter requirement.

Inbuilt Power Transformer ensures reliable operation for remote sites where grid supply may be poor along with metering, switchgear and multi door indoor cabinet. This is also beneficial as energy transmission demand and losses in the grid are also reduced.

Salient Features:

  • Works with only Poly, Mono or Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules
  • Multi MPPT design for better PV generation.
  • Inbuilt Power Transformer for better reliability.
  • Multi Door Indoor Cabinet with separate access for user connections and Electronics.
  • Inbuilt Metering in PV as well as Grid Path
  • Monitoring of data through MODBUS 485 port.
  • Graphical display with keypad for user Interface.

Displayed Parameters:

  • Displays PV Voltage, PV current, PV Power PV Energy on front Panel.
  • Displays Grid Voltage, current and Power.
  • Separate Energy Meters for Solar, Grid and Biogas/ Diesel Generator.
  • Displays Mode of Operation, faults and stored past data.



*NOTE: These systems are grid-connected Solar Inverters and can only work when Photovoltaic modules are connected at input. These systems cannot be used for backup applications.

Solar Central Inverters
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