Solar Container Solution

Solar Container Solution

The brand new self-sustainable Containerized Solar PV Solution by Statcon Energiaa provides a ready-made alternative for the common problem of power supply to remote and far-flung areas. The containerised hybrid Solar PV solution can generate around 10,000 kWh/year.

Built on a 20 feet standard marine container, this mobile office space provides electricity 24 x 7 without grid connection with a power capacity which ranges from 4 to 8 kWp from solar panels on the top of the container and a battery that can provide a backup for upto four hours (depending upon the load).

The panels are fitted so that they also provide shade to the container thus helping in temperate control inside. The system can work as a grid tied system where power is available and it can act as an off-grid system where grid is not available.

Such solutions can provide stable power for the basic needs of life and improve the living conditions. Some of it’s potential applications are:

  • Doctors clinic
  • Health screening by Para-medics
  • Cold storage of milk, vegetables and fish before collection
  • Vaccination centre
  • Centre for disaster management
  • Water purification systems

It provides stable power that will fulfil basic needs and improve living conditions of people in rural and remote areas in India and other developing nations. It can be quickly set up and put into operation on other sites that have no grid or very poor grid availability.

Technical Specifications:

Container Size Standard 20 L; 40 L marine container
Free area available 8 square meters
Solar Panels 4 to 8kwp at container roof
Inverter Rating 6 to 250 kVa Hybrid PCU
Battery Backup 3 hours to 24 hours (depending on load)
Battery Type VRLA
Interior walls  Puff insulated Aluminum Composite Panel
Air Circulation Forced fan cool circulation in electrical plant and natural circulation in office area
Wind Speed Tolerance 150 km/h
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