MPPT For Railway Coaches

MPPT For  Railway Coaches

System Concept:

MPPT stands on Maximum Power Point Tracking .It extracts additional power from your PV array, under certain conditions.

The function of a MPPT is analogous to the transmission in a car. When the transmission is in the wrong gear, the wheels do not receive maximum power. That’s because the engine is running either slower or faster than its ideal speed range. The purpose of the transmission is to couple the engine to the wheels, in a way that lets the engine run in a favourable speed range in spite of varying acceleration and terrain.

Let’s compare a PV module to a car engine. Its voltage is analogous to engine speed. It’s ideal voltage is that at which it can put out maximum power. This is called its maximum power point. (It’s also called peak power voltage, abbreviated Vpp). Vpp varies with sunlight intensity and with solar cell temperature.

System Monitoring:

SCC has provision to connect radiation sensor, module surface temp sensor, ambient temp sensor, Vibration sensor for whether monitoring. Data of all sensors will be available for monitoring in data logger as well as remotely over GPRS.

All the relevant parameters of charge controller should be available for remote monitoring over internet using GPRS based monitoring solution.

The list of parameters should include:

Input Side PV Voltage, PV Current, PV Power, PV KWH Cumulative, Daily, Monthly & yearly Generation etc.
Output Side Battery Voltage, Battery Current
Sensors data Irradiation, Module surface temp/ambient temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Wind Speed

All above data shall be recorded in a common work sheet chronologically date wise in tabular form. The data file shall be MS Excel/CSV compatible.

Special Features:

  • ERRU/Auxiliary Power Supply
    MPPT Solar Charge controller can be synchronized with coach existing ERRU or Auxiliary power supply
  • External Sensors Compatibility
    Sensors like Radiation, Surface temperature, Wind, Ambient temperature, Humidity, Vibration can be connected
  • USB/SD-Card Storage
    All parameters will be logged locally in Pen drive/ SD-cards
  • Web Base Monitoring
    Generation and all other parameters can be remotely accessed through web-based software on PC/Laptop
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