Energy Conservation: The need of the hour

Energy conservation is a common term that we have heard in our day to day lives. In simple words, it is an effort made to decrease the demand for energy. Many a times, to conserve energy, the best way to do it is to replace the energy used, by some sort of an alternative option. It can also be achieved either by using energy efficient appliances, or by decreasing the amount of energy services that we use. Energy conservation is an undeniably urgent need, and is important for the sustainable development.

There are a few simple ways so as to conserve energy like:




  1. By installing CFL lights : We should try to replace incandescent and old electric bulbs with CFL bulbs or CFL lights as they save a lot of energy than conventional lights and moreover save money in the long run.
  2. Getting regular energy audits: Having an energy audit at regular intervals of time by an expert of the field can help reduce your energy consumption and also your cost incurred. It is a simply a process whereby it identifies areas of your home or office where there is a loss of energy and also helps to suggest indicative measures to overcome it.
  3. By fixing air leaks: Proper insulation will enable to fix the air leakage which would be costly to us.
  1. Using less electricity in day time: By turning off the lights during the day time we can conserve a lot of electricity and use daylight as much as possible. It will also decrease the burden on the local grid supply of electricity.

  1. Using car pooling or government transport: Another method to conserve energy is to use more of public transport or use electric vehicles or by doing car pooling. This will also not only reduce the carbon footprints but also encourage more of using eco friendly automobiles.


  1. Using energy efficient appliances: We should try to use more of energy conserving goods and appliances that have a good energy star rating as these goods will consume less energy and save more money.
  1. Switching of the appliances when not in use:Electrical appliances like coffee machine, idle printer, and computer keep on using electricity even when not in use. Just switch them off if we don’t need them immediately.


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