Energy Efficiency : the need of the hour

Energy Efficiency in simple words can be explained as consuming less amount of energy for performing the activities. In other words it can be said that it is a way to reduce wastage of energy. Energy Efficiency has a number of advantages such as- decrease in the content of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the demand for energy imports, reducing the cost incurred on a household.

Energy efficiency has been a raising and widespread trend all over the world due to a crisis of environmental degradation and global warming. Due to this, there has been a substantial fall in the greenhouse gas emission, which is quite evident from the fact that people are now being inclined to use green energy and buying products and appliances, which are energy efficient.

If we look onto the national scale, residential energy usage per housing unit has been falling over the years.This fall in consumption is attributable to increasing energy efficiency, and is happening in spite of the growing number of electronic devices an average household uses. According to Niti Aayog ,India needs to ensure large, consistent, competitive procurement for affordability of efficient, low-cost energy sources. It ought to take up measures for clean and green energy so as to fulfill the goals laid down by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Thus, Energy efficiency is actually a relevant domain which needs significant work for the future.



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