World Nature Conservation Day

The entire world celebrates World Nature Conservation day on 28th July every year. It is observed with a purpose of making the citizens aware and responsible for protecting the environment and the natural resources and habitat that we have been gifted by the Earth. This is celebrated so that we consider a healthy environment for our well being and also for a foundation for a more stable and a productive society.

We all depend on water, air, trees, minerals and other natural resources for our sustenance and are essential for our daily activities of everyday life. To maintain the proper balance between humans and Mother Nature we must ensure that the environment does not get degraded by our economic activities. Now, as per a report from the Global Conservation organization, World Wildlife Foundation suggested that since the year 1970 the dependency on the natural resources that we put on have increased by nearly two times which has resulted in a decrease by nearly 33% of the natural resources.

With the growing population each day the need for adequate amount of natural resources has been increasing at a great pace. But as we know the resources are limited in nature. We can’t just use them for all the purposes instead they need to be utilized in a proper balanced manner and furthermore, we should also keep in mind that while we are using it we don’t generate any harmful effluents which affect the quality of the environment.

Thus this day reminds us of the importance of conserving Mother Nature and to also take up initiatives and steps so as to ensure that it does not get degraded.

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