Manoj Pande, Managing Director, Statcon Energiaa

Manoj Pande is the Managing Director of Statcon Energiaa, a Power Electronics company founded in 1987 by him in partnership. He has been working in the Power Electronics industry for the last 40 years and has seen Power Electronics evolve from discrete devices to power ICs and now full custom solutions.

Mr Pande is passionate about the global adoption of sustainable power solutions. He is interested in designing power electronics that meet global standards and cater to the customised needs of the customers at the same time. He started his career as a Design Engineer at Uptron Powertronics Ltd., Sahibabad. Since then he has designed a whopping 1.5 MW Mobile Battery Charger for the Indian Navy, a Ground Power Unit (GPU) for AN-32 Aircraft starting, and smart solar inverters for Off-Grid and Hybrid needs up to 250 kW, including 3rd Generation Hybrid Solutions for Telecom towers.

He loves to interact with young entrepreneurs and emerging talent across the country and is a mentor to many startups. You can spot him talking enthusiastically about Power Circuit Design, Mechanical Layout, Heat-flow management, Magnetic Component design and Overall System Designing of the product. Alongside entrepreneurship, he has designed over 30 products for various applications across the globe, including Aviation/Navy/Telecom/Renewable Energy Ministries of India, Uganda, Myanmar, Nepal and Ethiopia.

Mr. Pande holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore).