Warranty & AMC

(These are general terms and conditions for our solar inverters – for actual T&Cs applicable on your product, please refer to the T&Cs supplied along with your product)

Statcon Energiaa Pvt. Ltd. (henceforth SEPL, the company, manufacturer, Statcon Energiaa Pvt. Ltd.) warrants & amc  to the end-purchaser, provided the purchaser is able to provide valid and legal invoice receipt as well as warranty card duly signed by the dealer/ manufacturer. If any defect(s) should be found in SEPL’s manufactured PCUs within the warranty period, SEPL’s only obligation is to repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any part shown to be defective, with a new part or equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour. Such defective parts, which have been replaced, shall become the property of SEPL. The owner/end customer is responsible for any repair or replacement that are not covered under this warranty. Products once sold will not be replaced or bought back.

Product Warranty

The product warranty period will be preferred as per sales agreement with terms and conditions, the regular warranty period for the products is 27 months from the date of dispatch from manufacturer or 24 months from date of purchase, whichever is earlier, unless mentioned differently by SEPL in the signed Warranty Card (not applicable for spares or consumables). Consumables items in the products like string fuses, SPD, MOV, switches, plugs, timer, door locks, sockets etc. are excluded from warranty will be replaced on a company-defined chargeable basis. Warranty on items such as contactors, relays switchgears and circuit breakers are covered for one year only. The warranty will be valid only if the product is used within its manufacturer-advised specification, as stated in product manual supplied along with the product. The warranty for the replaced components will lapse along with that of the main instrument. SEPL reserves the right to make changes in design and specification without notice and without obligation to install changes in unit previously supplied. Repairs are performed at site for ratings ≥ 3 kVA. For ratings below 3 kVA, units will be replaced at our nearest available service centre.


Warranty for spares order will be separate. the warranty will automatically terminate upon the expiry of the warranty period, even in case of the product not being in use in the specified period. The purchaser shall intimate any change of address to the concerned authorised Service Centre and the warranty will be applicable only after the inspection of the unit and clearance of the product condition by authorised Service Centre personnel. Only authorised representative/ dealers of the company, across India, can provide free service under the terms of warranty, if found otherwise, the warranty will stand null and void. For a warranty claim to be valid, the warranty card of the respective product bearing the date of manufacturing/ purchase must be fully legible and the end customer invoice, must be available. SEPL’ HBD, ECO HBD, ESS, SEOG MPPT series of PCUs are used with battery only, and SEPL shall, in no way, be responsible for cases like battery failure, poor battery back-up, poor solar generation, or an increase in electricity bills. Also, SEPL will not be responsible for the poor quality of site-workmanship (installer-workmanship), plant electrical wiring, load segregation, lightning/ surge protection devices on the site (essential elements for solar site), proper earthing and earth arrangement and fluctuation and/ or voltage surge on the Grid/ Mains side.


The company will not hold liable in any condition for any loss, injury or damage caused to life or property, or death and disability caused to any form of life for any reason whatsoever. In any situation whatsoever, any claims arising out of this will not exceed the basic cost of the said Inverter/PCU as per SEPL’s invoice for the said serial number. In case of sale of non-manufactured items (as part of combo billing or other-wise). SEPL’s liability is only limited to the extent of forwarding any warranty-related issues to the respective manufacturer of the product, who will be directly giving service and will be liable. for this, the original warranty card of the respective item’s manufacturer will be supplied. The company expressly denies the right of any person to incur or assure, on behalf of it, within the warranty period, a product exhibits a defect which compromises its functioning (a warranty claim), the company will at its discretion, either repair the product at the premises, or replace its part(s) (if deemed necessary by the manufacturer) with a used or new one, of equivalent type and age


Purely aesthetic defects which have not effect on product functionality or operability are not covered under the warranty. This includes sound, weight, lack of wheels, display brightness level, buzzer, and so on. If SEPL decides that a defective product is to be repaired at the end-customer’s premises, it will arrange for the repair on a mutually decided date with the end-customer and/or Installer. The company then sends an authorised service engineer to the customer’s premises at the arrange date and time. SEPL reserves the right to decide as to whether the out of warranty repair work should be carried out at the company’s service centre, at site or any other place. the freight incurred of to end for dispatch of the defective material will have to be borne by the customer, and the transit risk for the material will rest with the purchaser. The warranty is valid only for end-customer residing in India and within a 100km radius of the distributor purchased from, unless a written letter or email by the manufacturer is provided for longer distances. Selling in war-prone areas, hill-terrain regions without informing the manufacturer will lead to lack of servicing from the manufacturer.


Place not covered under warranty – Andaman & Nicobar Island, Kerala, Leh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Tripura, Mizoram, or any other place not accessible by Indian Railways or Govt. buses. Claims, if any, to this warranty shall be made only before courts having jurisdiction in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. The warranty will not apply if the original enclosure is found opened or tampered with, Warranty in case of defect caused by household pets, rats, cockroaches or other animals or insects in invalid. The warranty will be invalidated if defects arise, in company’s assessment. due to accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper transport, improper installation (if not undertaken by the company or its representative), fire, flood, water seepage, other acts of God (force majeure), natural calamities and any other un-authorised repairs done. Such repair expenses will have not be borne by the purchaser; Services given for the same will be paid services. It is mandatory that said PCU is stored/kept under use a dust-free and covered area with free airflow available. It is not designed for use in open under the sun, unless very specifically designed manual. Intimation installation so as to avoid installation-authorisation and for claiming this warranty.

Warranty of your PCU shall become null and avoid in the following cases:


    • Force majeure (for example: storm damage, lightning, fire, thunderstorm, flood, Covid-19 related lockdowns, earthquakes etc.
    • Incorrect use or operation/ installation and commissioning (for example: loose connection of AC and DC wires, unclean panels, fluctuating or low voltage from grid, overload at customer end, improper string connection, angle of panels, low gravity of batteries, improper maintenance of batteries etc.)
    • Failure to comply with the operating, installation and /or maintenance manual.
    • Heavy soiling with dirt or dust, or water/ moisture inlet into the product.
    • Transportation damage, where transport has not been done by the manufacturer
    • Changes to the product or repair attempts without prior approval/ authorization from SEPL.
    • Failure to comply with the applicable safety regulations.
    • The PCU is not concerned properly and/or is used incorrectly.
    • The content (e.g., the date of purchase, credential etc.) of the warranty card and invoice are found to be tampered with.
    • The serial number on the barcode is not same as on the PCU.

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